About THSO

Founded in 2000, the Transatlantic History Student Organization (THSO) is a one-of-a-kind graduate student organization. THSO’s primary goal is to provide UT Arlington history graduate students an opportunity to discuss issues related to transatlantic studies, and welcomes anyone interested in transnational history or comparative history that deals with encounters, discoveries, and interaction across frontiers and borders situated in the countries and continents surrounding the Atlantic Basin. Our annual graduate student conference is a venue that fosters discussion of the interrelations between peoples and ideas of the “Old” and “New” Worlds.


A Word about The University of Texas at Arlington’s Department of History and Transatlantic Doctoral Program

In 1998, UT Arlington’s Department of History implemented the Transatlantic doctoral program. The program focuses on the interactions of people and regions across the Atlantic from the fifteenth century to the present time. The program is not defined by political boundaries, and students explore the interactions and cross-cultural developments between Europe, Africa, and the Americas over the last six centuries. To learn more about the work our fellow students are conducting, please visit the department’s Current Dissertations’ topics page.

In addition to the doctoral program, the History department provides offerings at both the bachelor’s and master’s level.


Our 2016-2017 THSO Officers and Faculty Advisor, and Past THSO Presidents

THSO Officers

Lydia Towns
Student, THSO President
Jacob Jones
Student, THSO Vice President
Jacqueline L. Tinkler
Student, THSO Treasurer
Gina G. Bennett
Student, THSO Secretary

THSO Faculty Advisor

Kenyon Zimmer
Associate Professor, Faculty Advisor


Past THSO Presidents

Cory Wells


image004Nicole Léopoldie

image032Kristen Burton

image033Karen Beasley

image034Mylynka Kilgore Cardona

image035Gene Rhea Tucker

image036 Greg Kosc